Grouse shooting in the Washington Post

If you care about wildlife law, protected habitats, people’s homes not being flooded, climate change and the water pollution then you’ll be labelled ‘a rabble of extremists and Jeremy Corbyn types living in the Islington echo-chamber‘.

The Washington Post has run a piece on grouse shooting.

Please support Gavin Gamble’s e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting in order to make the grouse shooters’ mates in government realise that they need to take action. Thank you!



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  1. They are just wrong this is not some ethical divide here it is the criminals against the law abiding nothing more nothing less.

  2. I could Prasad, but enough to say that I don’t like being patronised by the bloody Yanks. Of course it is not as simple as they describe but they wouldn’t understand the true explanation.
    What was it Shaw said about them ” the only country in history to go from barbarism to decadence without an intervening period of civilisation.”
    Might help to explain Trump!!!!!

  3. I can’t help but find the comment that they cannot name anyone or anything for fear of giving away the location rather funny, when the 1st word in the article is “WHITBY” Granted, that does not specifically identify the moor, but “view of the sea” kind of suggests that it’s one of those very close to the A171. just south of Whitby.

    If, the trouble is “a few bad eggs” as is so often claimed, why are the opposed to visitors/ observers? what do they have to hide? Yes I accept that “animal rights activists” may attempt to cause trouble if they where to turn up, but most of us I’m sure would not consider causing trouble at a shoot as to do so would only weaken our cause.

  4. This was a typical piece of ‘good’ US journalism. I liked it, you could not find anything similar in the UK, they left the reader to decide. For anyone of any intelligence – and you have to assume most Washington Post readers fit that bill – the tone was firmly against DGS.

    There is also the slightly more important point that the grouse people are trying to say that we are just a rabble of..whatever it said. But the mere fact of an article in the Washington Post contradicts that in terms. If I owned a grouse moor I’d be phoning my estate agent tomorrow.

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