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Tim writes: Many British birders will be aware that Semi-palmated Plover is the American equivalent of the Ringed Plover, which turns up in Britain from time to time. But maybe not so many birders will be aware that Little Ringed Plover and some races of Ringed Plover also have semi-palmated toes. You can see a partial web between the middle and outer toe on this Little Ringed Plover. My spellcheck does not recognise the word semi-palmated but most birders will be familiar with it.

When Little Ringed Plover was first named (by Johannes Scopoli in 1786) there was real doubt that the bird was different to the Ringed Plover so it was given the scientific name dubius (meaning doubtful). This is rather surprising as Little Ringed Plover is smaller with different coloured legs and bill, it has no wing bar plus it has a striking yellow eye-ring. But the name remains today as it was the first valid name given to the species.

I photographed this passage bird at an upland reservoir in South Yorkshire.

Taken with Nikon D500 and Nikkor 300mm f4 lens with a 1.4x converter at f7.1 ISO 1000 1/2000s

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  1. Spent many happy times, searching for breeding LRP 's on pit tips. Tips and LRP 's much reduced now, Grassed over , well they look nicer don't they?.


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