Young people in Birdwatch

The post came early enough this morning for me to grab the latest Birdwatch magazine (February) on my way out to the station.

And I always first turn to my column to remind myself of what I wrote over a month ago – and so, by now, I’ve written another column (March) and am thinking about the next one (April) and I’ll soon get paid for this (February) column  in January even though I wrote it in December. Can you see why I have to check where I am?

Actually, it’s always difficult to turn straight to my words because I get distracted by the photos.  It’s almost impossible for me not to attempt identification of each photo of a bird, and when the voice in my head has said ‘Richard’s Pipit’ I want to see whether I was right.  And I was, although I often am not, and so I was trying to remember the last Richard’s Pipit I saw in the UK. It was a long time ago.

But when I arrived at my column I found it was about what some inspiring young people had told the Number 10 Policy Unit was needed for the environment.



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3 Replies to “Young people in Birdwatch”

  1. anychance of linking up from The Gambia W Africa with this young birder thrust ? or is it just for up North ? ... there are candidates here ...

  2. I totally agree. I was thrilled to bits when I saw the familiar young people from Twitter, Findlay, Georgia etc. outside No.10. They are so articulate and hands on with the subjects they are interested in. I feel cross when I hear people denigrating Twitter. I am so pleased my daughter persuaded me to ‘do’ it years ago. I have learned so much and been so impressed by the young ornithologists and naturalists who share their finds and wonderful photographs. I hope Mrs May was impressed by their knowledge and devotion to their subjects. Only time will tell whether the powers that be will take any notice but I am hopeful that the tide is turning in some areas.

  3. Thank you for this article - we can all do more to encourage and support young conservationists. I’d encourage members of all conservation organisations to ask them what they’re doing to engage young people. And I’d encourage all organisations to publicise anything they are doing much more - it’s often out on a limb or something of an activity within another activity. The ongoing struggle to have conservation recognised as a skilled profession/worthy of an apprenticeship demonstrates how this is being ignored nationally, despite numerous small-scale efforts around the country.


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