Bowland gull cull 7 – licensing facts still kept secret by NE

I have reminded NE that they owe us all an explanation of the culling of gulls in an SPA which was set up partly to protect its colony of nesting gulls.

Nearly three months ago (see below) you told me that the NE investigation into the Bowland Gull Cull was moving to its final stages and that I would be informed of its outcome. I have not heard from NE since on this matter. Please respond within one week to the original questions.

In addition, what plans does NE have for 2018 to issue licences for any culls of any gulls in the Forest of Bowland area?


How this issue began in July 2017.



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6 Replies to “Bowland gull cull 7 – licensing facts still kept secret by NE”

    1. Maybe that’s the problem. Perhaps the investigation has confirmed that they acted illegally in consenting the range reduction of a key SPA breeding species.

  1. Whatever the reasons for the dead gulls may be, a vital thing is that someone with a high public profile is asking questions. Just maybe it will stop any future culling. Congratulations Mark, more power to your keyboard.

  2. Mark - I've not seen the license but the terms of the license must surely require the bodies of culled gulls to be disposed of by authorised waste disposal methods? Does the license permit the dumping of the gull carcases in this way or is there a breach of the terms of the license?

  3. Gulls left in this manner will attract scavengers who in turn are likely to be dispatched (rather like the stink pits used by gamekeepers to attract predators)?

    As well as a possible breach of any licence conditions (although that would require Natural England to enforce them) there is a potential health and safety issue if they are in an area of open access which might be visited by the public?

  4. The culling of gulls in Bowland is nothing new, to my knowledge it has bee taking place on a regular basis throughout the last 20 years.


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