Brood meddling – a potential legal challenge (or two)

Anyone seeking to mount a judicial review of NE’s decision to issue a licence for brood managment on Hen Harriers this year (see here and here) has a couple of months to get it sorted.

We, that’s me and some mates, have been exploring this option seriously, and still are. I should be meeting a QC next week.

A couple of weeks ago I asked the RSPB to let me know by yesterday whether they were going to make a legal challenge and they did get back to me with not much more information than can be found at the bottom of this blog by Chris Corrigan.

I mention this only so that you can put a few quid aside over the next few days on which ‘we’ might call through crowd-funding if we decide to go ahead with any legal case.

From here, we might end up with somewhere between zero and two legal challenges – unless you know of anyone else who is going through the same process.

Watch this space.

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10 Replies to “Brood meddling – a potential legal challenge (or two)”

  1. If you do a crowd-funding, I imagine many would be happy to contribute, with some cash + RT's. Brood meddling sounds like an abominable plan, for so many reasons, not the least of which is that Hen Harriers are dedicated, conscientious parents. To remove eggs or young is cruel and not in the best interests of anyone but those who would happily see them disappear altogether.

  2. Mark, would be definitely up for that. Hopefully others will feel the same, we have to show the authorities that we are out there and watching.

  3. Are these departments above the law?. Could they be prosecuted for taking/young disturbance of a protected species.

    1. Michael, I don't think you understand. Natural England ARE the law. Even the European Court of Justice has refused to overrule them when I complained....


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