Wuthering moors (59) – Calderdale losing track

It is still impossible to see the planning application made for a damaging track across blanket bog on the Walshaw Moor Estate on the Calderdale Council side of the boundary.

Several others have tried and failed too.  We are told that the planning reference number is 18/40002/AGR but this fails to work when entered into the Calderdale search engine on the planning portal.  To be fair, 18/40001/AGR and 18/40003/AGR and various other similar options fail to work too.

Maybe there isn’t a planning application although the very helpful person at the end of the phone when I contacted Calderdale a while ago said that it sounded like a genuine planning reference number. Maybe there is some problem with it…  A reader of this blog says that he (for it was a he) tried what I am trying and got ‘This application is no longer available for viewing. It may have been removed or restricted from public viewing.‘ and if so, that is more success than I have achieved.

But I’m gong to ‘phone back later this morning when ‘the team’ will be out of their meeting and may be able to tell me more. I’ll let you know…



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3 Replies to “Wuthering moors (59) – Calderdale losing track”

  1. As a matter of interest how common is it for planning applications to be "restricted from public viewing"? On what grounds might this be done? I fondly imagined that the whole point of such applications was that they should be open to public scrutiny.

  2. Quite, the point of an open and transparent application is, as I understood the process, that it enable members of the public to feed into the system.

  3. From my experience Planning Officers do restrict viewing - especially for contentious applications where the Officers are opposed to public opinion. It is also no accident that planning application software is also universally designed to be difficult for the public to use. If anybody thinks the planning process in this country is 'open and transparent' they are not living in the real world of personal meetings between Council Officials and Applicants.

    Boris Johnson's ridiculous statement about "simplifying planning and speeding up public procurement for homes young people need" - and deciding whether we really need environmental impact assessments for '2 life cycles of (Desmoulin's) snail or building swimming pools for (Great Crested) newts' - is bollocks because THERE ARE 423,544 UNBUILT HOMES in England and Wales for which PLANNING PERMISSION HAS ALREADY BEEN GIVEN!

    See http://www.publicfinance.co.uk/news/2018/02/more-planning-approved-homes-not-being-built-says-lga

    It is all a fix in favour of development.


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