Wuthering moors (61) – Natural England – how deep have you sunk?

Dear Natural England,

You know that ‘Catchment Restoration Plan’ that you signed with Walshaw Moor Estate?

You know? This one.



Yeh?  The one with the new track? This new track?


Yeh? The new track with the measurements of peat depth along its length?

Before you signed off this joint plan – you did check those peat depths didn’t you?

Did you?


More on this through the day…


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1 Reply to “Wuthering moors (61) – Natural England – how deep have you sunk?”

  1. In answer to your head line question Mark, Natural England have sunk to about as low as you can get. Mind you this Government has assisted the sinking by ensuring the complete scuttle of their ship.

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