Tim Melling – Przewalski’s White-throated Dipper

This is the same species of Dipper that occurs in Britain but is of the Tibetan and Chinese subspecies Przewalski.  I posted it for interest because it does look subtly different from European Dippers.  This one has a wholly dark belly, lacking the brighter orange band that we have on British Dippers..  I’m finding it difficult to find a description of this subspecies but the white feather edgings on the black belly feathers look to be unusual compared with European Dippers.

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2 Replies to “Tim Melling – Przewalski’s White-throated Dipper”

    1. I’m not a ringer, so happy to be corrected, but this is not a juvenile as it would have a scaly chest. I think it is a first winter bird (it was photographed in late November), which is like an adult but has retained juv pale edges to the tertials and wing coverts. But I haven’t managed to find a photograph on the internet of a Dipper with such extensive white edging to the black belly feathers.

      The three eastern races of Dipper are separate (not contiguous) with the various Western Palearctic races. The eastern races are also polymorphic, with a proportion of the population being completely brown (ie no white throat and chest). But they mix and breed freely with the white-bellied individuals.

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