Red Kites in March

I’m keeping a note of whether I see Red Kites on each day through the year – in March the tally has been 26  days out of 31.


January:  22 days out of 31.

February:  24 days out of 28.

That makes 72 out of 90 overall.  That’s an even higher strike rate than I expected.


3 Replies to “Red Kites in March”

  1. How lovely to see lots of red kites Mark.

    Where I live is surrounded by grouse moors on all sides. Despite being less than 20 miles from the kite hotspot and re-introduction site at Harewood House (where there are hundreds of kites), my stats for the first three months of this year are:
    January: 0 days out of 31
    February: 0 days out of 28
    March: 0 days out of 31

    My count for the whole of 2017 was: 0 days out of 365

    I could go on but you get the idea. Why don’t I ever see a kite at my house? It’s very curious.

    1. Phil – yes, that is very puzzling isn’t it? Maybe they don’t like grouse moors? Or could it be that grouse moors don’t like them? I seem to recall that a few Red Kites have been found dead in the area near where you seem to live. Hmmm…

  2. No sightings of Red Kites for me this month, though there have been two local sightings; guess I need to get out more and be more observant.
    After 82 continuous daily sightings of BZ, I realised on the evening of the 24th I couldn’t recollected seeing one during the day; BZ 30 out of 31. Others, EA 18, GI 2, HH 10, K 17, PE 8, ML 2, SH 14, WE 2.

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