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Inglorious; conflict in the uplands is nearly three years of age (if publication date = birthday).

I’d have thought that anyone who wanted to read it would have done so ages ago, but that just shows how little I know.  I still get the occasional email from people telling me they’ve just read it, and how much they enjoyed/agreed/liked it.  Here are three examples:

Sunday morning and I have literally just finished your wonderful and eye-opening book, Inglorious.’

I’ve just read your book ‘Inglorious‘ and whilst I am no where near as ‘liberal’ as your good self I congratulate you sir on a devastating analysis of the multiple problems of driven grouse shooting. Well done and judging by the reviews on Amazon you got it right.

I finished Inglorious a few weeks ago and OMG what a read – thank you for writing such an important and instructive book.

If you are going to be at Potteric Carr on Sunday for their birthday then come and see me at a Q&A I’m doing there, and buy some, or lots!, of my books.  I’ll gladly sign them if you’d like that.


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4 Replies to “This was nice”

  1. Dear Dr Avery,
    I read your exceptional book some time ago and in an on-going email conversation with Sainsbury's regarding their public support of the Game Fair this year, I suggested they read it too. Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of our wonderful wildlife.
    Kind regards,
    Sophia Farley

  2. Mark, I am sure most of us are longing for the day when this book becomes a dated period curiosity... we not there yet!

  3. A fantastic read which opened my eyes to what's going on on the moors and the plight of hen Harriers. Im sure that your campaigning and writing of this book have made a real difference, something you ( and the other campaigners) should be very proud of.

  4. Something that has struck me in the course of several lively(!) discussions on Twitter, is how few of the people who are so critical of the book, have actually read it. I've even posted a copy to a couple of shooters who clearly had no idea what the book's main arguments are!


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