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I’m always interested in publishing guest blogs here. This blog is called ‘Standing Up for Nature‘ which gives a flavour of what I’d be interested in.

I’d be particularly interested in publishing views that are different from my own, or blogs on subjects about which I am particularly ignorant (marine issues, plants, insects for a fairly wide-ranging start!) but anything reasonably well-written and interesting is welcome.  Oh yes – and if you are still at school or university then you count as ‘young’ as far as I am concerned and I feel well-disposed towards young naturalists.

What I write here is my voice – but this site could be your voice too.

Here are some varied examples of recent guest blogs (all are from 2018): Dead from the neck down by David Elias;  Save Mortimer Forest by Nigel Rowley; ELS/HLS Madness by Andrew Carter.

And here are the very simple guidance notes for writing something: click here.

If your photos of wildlife can stand up beside those of Paul Leyland, Tim Melling, Guy Shorrock and others then I would be very happy to publish them here – but I’d want some good words to go with them too, please.




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