5 and 6 December – are you coming? #justice4henharriers

Our legal challenge (and RSPB’s) of Natural England’s crazy decision to license brood meddling of Hen Harriers will be heard in the High Court, in the Royal Courts of Justice on 5 and 6 December. You can attend and watch and listen to the arguments.

The public can attend. You can attend. I’d like you to attend whoever you are but especially if you were one of over 900 people who helped fund this challenge and got us to this point.  It’s your day in court as well as my day in court, as well as the Hen Harriers’ day in court.

I cannot give you a ticket to get in – the court will allow the public to come in (and out) depending on the capacity of the courtroom chosen.  It is possible that many people, an unusually large number of people, may want to attend. If so then I’d like to give the court an indication of numbers so that a suitable courtroom can be chosen.

So, I’ve created an Eventbrite booking form where you can express your interest in coming and so that I can pass this information on.  NB this is not an admission ticket!  If you’d like to attend the hearing, on either 5 or 6 December, for either some or all of the proceedings, then please indicate by following this link.


2 Replies to “5 and 6 December – are you coming? #justice4henharriers”

  1. The only people who do not want the Hen Harrier brood Mgt. Plan to either stop or fail is the socialist left winger Mark Avery along with the anti shooting RSPB and that self promoting jump.on any band waggon baffoon Chris Packham.

    The common thread between these three is the amount of money they make from the guilable public by keeping Hen Harriers rare. The last thing these three want is the Hen Harrier or any other species to become common as they would lose their income.

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