MPs’ responses on #peoplesmanifestoforwildlife

Not a great deal of MP action this week.

I had a letter from my own MP (dated 23 October) in response to my email to him (8 October) saying that ‘In order to ensure that Ministers are aware of your concerns and to provide you with an official and fully informed response’ … ‘I have today written to the Rt. Hon Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, asking him to review your concerns and let me have his thoughts‘.

That is how this game plays out.  Let me predict what happens next: in a few weeks I will be sent a brief and inadequate response from Therese Coffey.  I will then write back to my MP.

Most people, however motivated about the environment, drop out at some point in this process feeling that they aren’t getting anywhere.  I won’t let this go very easily, and Michael Gove still hasn’t agreed to meet Chris Packham to discuss the Manifesto for Wildlife.

If you want to play your part then please see this guidance and write to your MP about the Manifesto for Wildlife.

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4 Replies to “MPs’ responses on #peoplesmanifestoforwildlife”

  1. My MP, Mike Gapes, hasn’t replied yet. It’s been almost 4 weeks which is plenty of time. I’ll send him a reminder.

  2. I recieved a reply to my email this morning, from the Conservative David Davies (Monmouth). It is simply the standard Conservative Party letter you posted here a couple of weeks ago, with no attempt made to personalise or respond to the specific points I made.

    I will be replying shortly.

  3. Mine has not replied either, and it was sent via 'they work for you' so I know it arrived. Could it be because I asked if it could be his own original thinking on the matter? Though, to be fair, arranging over 15000 slices of toast in schools must take some buttering. However, I would have thought the world children will be living in in the future should be important too.


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