How many would you think?

I care deeply about the performance of Natural England – the government agency which is supposed to act in nature’s interests.

That’s why I am taking a judicial review against their decision to license brood meddling (see here – we had two days in court last week but we need another day and we are still waiting to hear when that will be), and it’s why I challenged, successfully, their agreement with the Walshaw Moor Estate back in the spring  (see here and here), and it’s why I pay close attention to other aspects of their work (eg see here, here, here).

I’ve been involved in a short correspondence with NE  where I have asked them for copies of all emails which mention my name since 1 January 2015. You can imagine I’d be interested what instructions might circulate in NE about how to deal with information requests etc.

How many emails do you think that NE have which mention your name?

How many do you think they have which mention me?

In the latest response from NE they tell me that they have ‘more than 10,000’ emails that mention my name in their system.  They say this is a lot – that may be the one area where we agree.

If there were three emails I imagine that NE would send them to me. But there are lots.  If there were three I’d be keen to see them; the fact that there are lots makes me even keener to see them.

I’ve gone back to NE saying that I am happy, at this stage, to limit my request to the period from 1 January 2017.

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4 Replies to “How many would you think?”

  1. That bunch have been hamstrung by the politicians and starved of cash to keep them in line. Shocking. Good on you for the perssitent badgering! keep it up!

  2. What is it like to be popular Mark? But seriously you are obviously stirring things up in NE, and,hopefully within Defra, which has more or less rendered NE a puppet of this Governments vested interests.

  3. Is that all;)

    Seriously there will be those you sent to them but there will be some from your other tranche of admirers and maybe it'll be those that are at least if not more interesting than any originating from you perhaps;)

    Or maybe those will be the ones sent to you with big black lines across them and with some illogical waffle about data protection to accompany;(

    Keep up the excellent work, you're an inspiration to us and here's to any NY updates - bring it on:)


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