Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill

Ralph is on holiday but I’ve recycled this cartoon as yesterday was Fat Cat day.

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3 Replies to “Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill”

  1. Ralph's cartoon is, as ever, on point.

    As countless others have said in the last week, we now live at a time when climate breakdown is imminent, biodiversity is plummeting and well over a million emergency food parcels are given out by UK charities every year. Yet what triggers a government minister to cut short his safari holiday and declare an "major incident"? - two hundred people trying to cross the channel in a leaky boat.

    It seems that for the rich and powerful, even everything is not enough.

    1. Indeed Michael, not only are there just over 200 people but they are refugees having probably given up everything and more besides to get here to claim asylum. All our home secretary does is disparage them and try to keep them out, yet he himself is the product of economic migrants. Laughable if it wasn't so horribly sad.

  2. Couldn't agree with you more Michael,to class this as a major incident resulted in it being the headline story of news channels,conveniently side stepping the real problems of Brexit,poverty and homelessness and the cynic in me wonders whether bringing migrant issues to the fore (although we don't know if the people fleeing are asylum seekers )plugs into the sometimes xenophobic Brexit debate.


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