Neonics in Swiss House Sparrows

I saw this study and thought it was pretty interesting. See here for some info on what IP Suisse means – it seems like it is a bit like LEAF farms in UK.


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  1. It is a pity that there is no long term UK study somewhat similar to this.
    With so many academics pushing against organic farming, it might reverse the flow of indifferent press that more wildlife friendly farming receives.
    Of course, the issue of funding this type of study is likely to be problematic in the UK.
    I assume that any researchers would be tempted to follow the money, and that is in projects which support agrochemicals, not which show the downside.

  2. Seek and ye shall find … actual data

    “Pesticide residues in European agricultural soils – A hidden reality unfolded”, Silva et al, Science of the Total Environment, 2018.

    “How did the US EPA and IARC reach diametrically opposed conclusions on the genotoxicity of glyphosate-based herbicides?” Benbrook, Environmental Sciences Europe, 2019. How indeedy – could it be down to Vested Interest and Ideological Derangement Disorder? David Zaruk qv has written a lot about IARC but NB he is a very angry man.

    “FARMERS TALK FOOD WASTE Supermarkets’ role in crop waste on UK farms”, Feedback, 2018. Driving destruction daily while paying people’s pensions.

  3. Although concerning, modern analytical methods are able to detect levels well below those which are harmful. I’d much rather see zero levels in swiss house sparrows but current trends on show Swiss house sparrows to be stable.

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