Today I am going for a drive, going for a walk, going for a drive, giving a talk, going for a drive.

I think I will pass through six counties, but it might be more.

I think I will leave home before 8am and get home after 10pm.

I think I might see some Marsh Harriers and Lapwings.

I think I’ll listen to quite a lot of Radio 4 and I think I might hear Brexit mentioned.

But who knows?


2 Replies to “Today”

  1. Good morning, Mark. I was the guy in running gear, without binoculars. Thank you for letting me use yours. It was only as I was running along the canal that I realised why you looked familiar and seemed so knowledgeable! I wish I had recognised you at the time so that I could have thanked you personally for all the superb work you are doing on behalf of birds.


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