Save the Blue-throated Hillstar

This stunning hummingbird is found on a few remote mountaintops in southern Ecuador, but mining corporations have gained the rights to mine its habitat to extract metals.

However, with your help, the World Land Trust, working with its partner Naturaleza y Cultura Ecuador (NCE), will be able to extend a Water Protection Area by 70,000 acres (28,300 hectares), thereby protecting the hillstar’s habitat from mining.

PS Mark Avery is a trustee of the World Land Trust.


4 Replies to “Save the Blue-throated Hillstar”

  1. Slightly struggled to make a donation, succeeded eventually, but website/payment system needs a bit of attention.

  2. Lead mining’s destruction of the richest habitats in the world is another reason to want to see this toxic substance banned for making ammunition.

  3. Am sending a cheque for £75 to World Land Trust.for the Blue Throated Hillstar. I am a member of WLT but as a previous comment has said the donation web page is not easy to use hence my cheque.

    1. Hi Alan, Sorry you have had problems whilst trying to support the Blue-throated Hillstar appeal. We are working on improvements to the payment system. We have also made it possible to donate to the appeal via Paypal if that’s a method you like using. If you would be happy to send an email to we would be interested to hear from you about your experience. We are extremely grateful for your persistence and also for your continued support.

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