Progress is a bit slow

There are now 21 MPs who have added their names to Caroline Lucas’s Early Day Motion on lead ammunition.

The system seems to be working rather slowly – I know of a couple of MPs who have told constituents that they had signed and it was days later that their names appeared. No matter.

Welcome to all the newcomers, including the first two Lib Dems.


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  1. My MP said in his standard acknowledgement to me that he did not sign early day motions, but did reply and put up on his website a summary of the government position which did at least acknowledge that the action taken to prevent use of lead shot on coastlines etc. had failed.
    Being a conservative MP must be hard, having to acknowledge failed measures all the time on environmental,matters. Still, most are pretty inured to failed policies, and happy to promote them.

  2. How many have to sign before the government starts to take an EDM seriously, and consider making it legislation, in general?
    Notice the only Tory is an independent-minded billionaire with a large majority too!

    1. m parry – the government doesn’t have to take any notice at all. And they might not, but every MP who has signed is more aware of, and motivated by, the issue.

      1. Thank you. Yes, I realise they don’t have to take any notice, I just wondered what level was likely to make them consider the question seriously – in realpolitik terms. Perhaps it varies too much, depending on the topic of the bill, for any answers to be possible.

  3. 230+ pro hunting Tory mp’s though ,and just over 30 against hunting.
    1 pro hunting Labour mp. It’s not likely that many Tory mps will go for this.

    1. Scott – many Tory MPs regard themselves as being too busy and too important to sign EDMs. But your comment is unhelpful in that it suggests that getting shooters to use non-toxic ammunition is anti-hunting. It isn’t – though it is anti poisoning.

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