Burning continues

Strines Moor on Monday.

Walshaw Moor Estate. Photo: Sarah Hanson

Walshaw Moor on Monday

From Upper Midhope looking across to Shaw Brook and Fenny Common, Peak District on Monday.

Walshaw Moor on Tuesday


4 Replies to “Burning continues”

  1. They were burning the moors on the eastern edge of the Forest of Bowland on Monday. I was travelling along the A65 and too far away to give a precise location.
    Also Rob Foster, Moorland Manager of the Abbeystead Estate said in a recent lecture to local residents that burning was a major tool in their armoury and proudly showed a photo of the moor ablaze.

  2. Not only on northern grouse moors. The Quantock Hills were burning well today, sending a great plume of polluting smoke out across the Severn Estuary. All in the name of ‘conservation’ I suspect! Given that stubble burning is no longer permitted, isn’t it time to re-think our strategies for maintaining open habitats.

  3. So much for Coffey’s voluntary agreements not to burn and Amanda Anderson’s (CLA) statement on Country File “practically all our members are signed up “ (not to burn I assume)….utter and complete bunkum and rubbish.

  4. Well the latest fire on Saddleworth moor should solve on problem for the grouse shooting industry. There won’t be any peat left, after the area, now having excellent drainage, likely removed the last of the upper levels of peat from the moor.
    ‘Keep on burning, the story of Northern Soul’, and also of Northern moors in England, thanks to the agreements by Natural England.

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