Hen Harrier brood meddling – Mark Avery is appealing

After consulting with my brilliant legal team we have asked Mrs Justice Lang whether we can appeal her judgment against us in our Hen Harrier brood-meddling case.  We are still waiting to hear from her.

But in any case, we have decided that we will ask the Court of Appeal for permission to appeal if necessary.

In other words, our case challenging brood meddling is not yet over.

We feel there is a good chance of winning the case on appeal.


9 Replies to “Hen Harrier brood meddling – Mark Avery is appealing”

  1. Thats the spirit! NE will probably change their approach when the government changes in a few weeks time. Need some more dosh, the pension comes into the bank at the end of the month. Onwards and upwards.

  2. Win or lose, they know they are being watched, their every action scrutinised. That alone is worth the effort.
    This government would like us(you) to go away. That’s not going to happen.
    Let us know when you need more funds.

  3. Nothing ventured and all that Mark, well done best of luck. Kill this clause of the so called Hen Harrier plan and we might even get NE to think about tackling persecution!!

  4. This is great new Mark. It’s off to me that NE would ‘research’ a technique that, if ‘successful’, would probably prove to be illegal if they tried to apply it widely!

    Challenge them again now; challenge them again should they attempt to adopt (and fund??!) brood removal as a long-term ‘solution’. Eventually this will be seen for what it is – a socially and financially unsustainable sop to an unsustainable land-use practice.

  5. Great idea to keep the pressure on NE for their dodgy dealings with a privileged minority who get off on killing animals for “fun” with the help of public money.

  6. I will be interested to see how they manage to produce a (useful) piece of scientific research given all the factors involved.
    Hopefully the appeal will be successful and no ‘research’ will follow.

  7. I don’t suppose that the fact that birds are being meddled from the locations where 72% of Hen Harriers are stated to being likely illegally killed in the report issued today. It may be worth a mention. I have not yet studied the report in detail but I’m sure that it will be seen to have standing.

  8. Gotta get judges who do not either go shooting, have friends or family who go shooting, and do not need financial or career assistance from those who go shooting.

    How likely is that? When the political class that has a lock on shooting also has a lock on the judiciary, there is no reasonable chance of success here and solutions need to be found through other channels.

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