Big flock of Goshawks in Northants

On my walk around Stanwick Lakes this morning, in a cold northeasterly wind, I saw a pair of Sparrowhawks do a bit of half-hearted display, and a Red Kite cruised past, and Kestrel and Peregrine are always possibilities, but if I had see five Goshawks I would have been very surprised. Gos is on my garden list, though (18 August 2014).

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4 Replies to “Big flock of Goshawks in Northants”

  1. I rather like this set of stamps and can just imagine the raptor haters, some of whom Mark used to occasionally write about grinding teeth in anger as they use one. Its just disappointing that there is no Hen Harrier, one of our lesser known raptors by the general public apparently, as well as being heavily persecuted. Yes I know the pictures are based on photos taken at ICBP and they don’t have any harriers ( brood meddling anyone!)
    Saturday I watched four Goshawks at once as our two local pairs had a massive fallout. Twenty minutes of spectacular viewing with male chasing male and female harassing female. Local Buzzards and a Red Kite were certainly avoiding that airspace! Sunday it was just two males very high in the sky with one of the females and four less concerned Buzzards. Yes Mark they are on the garden list, one might even say they are regular over flyers ( Kestrels are not on the list!).

  2. Yes, a very attractive set , i may get some to use on certain correspondence.
    Maybe a future issue could portray British game birds, the two would complement each other nicely.
    I had an incubating Gos on Monday, hoping for a decent bag today.

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