I’m sure you share my gratitude to our politicians that they have handled this difficult issue so well and that the environmental issues wrapped up in our future have been given such a high profile over the last almost three years. It makes me very proud of the UK.

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8 Replies to “Brexit”

  1. People voted for Brexit for various reasons, some better than others but none of the prominent brexit campaigners gives any indication of being in the slightest bit concerned about the environment with the possible exception of Gove. I shudder to think about the fate of nature if the likes of Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and Jacob Sheer-snob get control post brexit.

  2. I don’t think this is quite fair to tar all our politicians with the same brush. While there are certainly many politicians who are really only thinking about their own party and their own opportunities and the advancement, there are quite a number who are genuinely trying to do the best for their country regardless of Party.
    I think if the Prime Minister had started off by working with all parties in Parliament, on what is a national issue not a Tory party issue, instead of trying to drive through her own path urged on by the hirachy of the Tory Party we would not now be in the mess we are. I am bound to say May in my opinion has handled the whole issue very badly, with narrowness of thought and lack of perception.

  3. Information is not knowledge
    Knowledge is not wisdom
    Wisdom is not truth

  4. The European negotiators are like chess grand masters. We still think it is a game of draughts. Idiots like Rees-Mog think it is a war game with no rules.
    This level of incompetence has pushed public trust in politicians to a low beyond low. Will it ever recover? The effect on our health is another casualty.
    At least it has exposed to other countries the true nature of Great Britain.

  5. Had to check the date this was posted ....

    As for environment & prominent politicians, sorry but I'd not trust any of them as far as I could throw 'em:(

  6. To be fair to them, at a recent "Sheffield for Europe" rally, two of the speakers were Mary Creagh, former Shadow Environment Minister and now on Environmental Audit committee, and Dame Margaret Beckett, former EFRA minister. Both mentioned the importance of the EU legislation and the UK working with the EU to tackle climate change. Also, certainly Mary Creagh, and I think Margaret Beckett, mentioned habitat and biodiversity protection. However, in a similar event a week later Lord Andrew Adonis, who spoke more on the political declaration and tactics for stopping Brexit, didn't mention the environment at all apart from his pet project, HS2 . I didn't applaud that bit of his speech. And, Caroline Lucas, always delivers a message which promotes sustainable living.

  7. Looks like we'll have to vote for MEPs again. At least I can vote with an expectation of getting one of my preferred candidates into Parliament, not FPTP.


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