Hmmm – that’s odd

If you are reading this blog on your phone, then you may not have any problems, I don’t on my phone. And maybe all looks good to you on your PC or tablet – but it doesn’t on mine!

The ‘theme’ (the blog template) I’ve always used here with the nice blue colour has just upgraded and that looks like it has caused some problems.

I’m hoping that these are sorted out quickly.

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22 Replies to “Hmmm – that’s odd”

  1. Using an older PC and I can confirm you are looking odd this morning....

    .....but still in better condition than EN or SNH!

  2. And when the blog went off for a while, after the general licences were revoked, I worried you had been hacked by certain interests.

  3. looks terrible here, Mark... no tweet side panels, no '2 comments' or similar along top of a post, really big font......Hmm
    thats in Chrome on windows 10. will look on a tablet later and see if its just as bad

      1. Also changed on Safari 9: big font, no search, no "comments count", no side panels, no photos on blog main page, with only 5 entries indicated per page.

  4. OK so you've got technical problems. The blog is still marvellous. Wild Justice is a superb new tool in
    the conservation armoury. And isn't it causing panic in the hunting/shooting lobby. Wow!!

    You are giving so much hope (and joy to me in my 80th year)

    Congratulations and heartfelt thanks

  5. Not looking good on laptop using Chrome, Explorer or Edge. Too big and missing tweet side panel and number of comments and no nice picture to header. Sadly I think the upgrade has really messed up what was an easy reading blog.

  6. I can see this using Firefox. It seems quite a lot has changed with the template. Difficult to know what comes automatically with that change and what is an error or not what you want.
    Most obviously completely missing is the search function.
    Also the number of comments is no longer shown at the top of each post, you have to scroll down to find that.
    Starting from your Home page and clicking on 'blog' you now get a new presentation, the first couple of sentences of each blog (but no pic) with a 'read more tab'. I quite like that but if you're sticking with the change it would make sense to have more such links on each page of that presentation - up to 10 or more.
    Overall I like the style change, it gives a slightly cleaner feel.

  7. Looks very odd here in Windows 10, but readable although no pictures. I too thought you had been hacked by the powers of darkness. After a week in Spain it was wonderful to return and see the dark side are still in uproar over the GLs. It will be interesting to see how NE deal with corvids (or gulls) and the protection of flora and fauna.

  8. Too much space in Waterfox. Big font like Janet and John books. But it didn't turn purple, like recent Feedbro update

  9. Yesterday Firefox didn't work; haven't tried it today yet, but trying Edge and it opens though different layout and (lovely!) blue colour!

  10. The format has changed. I can access the full item plus comments by using a 'read more' button but I think the original layout was better. Also, the ads have disappeared!

  11. On edge it displays only the first three lines or so in a very large font with no pix, side panel, search, etc. you have to click "read more" to see the rest of the post and still no pix or side panel but comments are automatically displayed. basically its crap.

    Why do IT people always make things worse/ less good when they "upgrade" anything. A car maker who kidnapped your car without permission and then "improved" it by removing one of the wheels would be out of business in an instant, but for IT providers such behaviour is considered routine. grrrrrr

  12. Much preferred the old layout where the whole post was shown rather than having to click the read more button.

  13. Generally use laptop and it's definitely a tad 'odd'. The mobile version looks from what I can recall, as usual. No pictures and fills screen with no twitter feed in side panel.

    I too ponder hacked when it was down on Tuesday.

    If it ain't broken why do they insist on fixing (aka upgrading) it 🙁

  14. If you're using WordPress to administer the site, there's probably a setting somewhere to "force mobile site" or similar, disable that if it's enabled.

  15. May 8th was the last posting showing. Missing our daily fix and hoping that you’ll be back up and posting soon.


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