Good news – 4 Hen Harrier nests in Bowland

The RSPB has just released the news that there are four Hen Harrier nests in the Forest of Bowland on the United Utilities estate. this area is managed for water resources with low intensity farming and low intensity grouse shooting.

The Forest of Bowland is a large area with several intensive grouse moors within its boundaries. I’ll wait with bated breath to hear how many Hen Harrier nests there are on Abbeystead and other local grouse moors.

I’ll also be keeping my fingers crosssed that the adults are left alone as they forage widely over the moorland and that all four pairs end up as successfully fledging young. Of course, until Natural England and Defra deal with illegal persecution the fledged young will still be in great danger as Natural England’s own data show very clearly.

It’s good to see the usually quiet Forest of Bowland AONB say ‘We are absolutely delighted that there are hen harrier nests again this year on the UU Bowland Estate and have our fingers crossed for the newly hatched chicks‘.

But this is good news. Hooray! And thank you to United Utilities, the RSPB and many volunteers for getting these nests this far – so far, so good.

Here’s the link again.

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5 Replies to “Good news – 4 Hen Harrier nests in Bowland”

  1. Good news indeed. The RSPB article says "Last year, we saw 13 chicks fledge at Bowland; perhaps this year we might have even more." Assuming that they were fitted with trackers, I was wondering how many of the 13 chicks are still about? I don't remember hearing anything about any of them "disappearing" but maybe I missed it. Does anyone know?

    1. Shaun - it's difficult to keep track isbn't it? they won't all have had satellite tags fitted - half of them at most.

  2. It is good news extremely good news but we should not get carried away because it is an improvement going the right way but not that long ago there were over twenty , yes TWENTY breeding female harriers in Bowland. Probably more than there are currently in the whole of England. We need and want more a great many more!!!

  3. Forest of Bowland AONB will have to do more than 'cross their fingers' for the chicks to survive. Who are FoB AONB anyway? Is there an actual organisation? Seems to be part of the county council. Do the council care if 'their' hen harriers are shot by grouse shooting gamekeepers? Maybe they're all tories.


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