Mystery birds (1)

This robin-like bird was recently filmed in a Devon garden – it looks not only robin-like but Robin-like to me. I think it is a Robin.

But it’s very washed out. It’s obviously not a Redbreast nor a typical juvenile recently out of the nest.

It’s very pale but it is not albino. How do we describe it?

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3 Replies to “Mystery birds (1)”

  1. I'd say it was leucistic, partial loss of pigment. I once saw a Pink-footed Goose that was a similar colour, all the correct markings were there, but overall it was a washed-out buff colour.

  2. His latest attempt at plumage enhancement went horribly wrong! (Avian equivalent of hair-colouring). I believe the technical term is leucistic.

  3. leucistic.......... the lack of darker feather pigments rather than albinism which would affect skin, eye as well.


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