Mystery birds (3)

I struggle with photos like this… Photo: Tim Melling

How about the bird above? It’s a fairly common species, although I see it less often than I used to do.

Yesterday’s two teasers:

This bird is a washed-out Robin photographed in a Devon garden recently.

It may be leucistic but after reading this interesting paper I am not so sure. But it is a washed-out Robin.


This bird, photographed and recorded in a Higham Ferrers garden on 4 July, is a Bobwhite – a North American quail which must have escaped from captivity. I’ve seen one of these in the wild, in Iowa, and I didn’t see it anything like as well as these people saw this one! Its call is pretty cute and rather diagnostic too.

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3 Replies to “Mystery birds (3)”

  1. You were both right. It is a juvenile Mistle Thrush photographed in the Peak District on 12 May this year.


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