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  1. Such blatant disregard for the law, such blatant barbarity, it is like sticking two fingers up to a civilised world and what decent people believe in. How is even imaginable, how is even possible that at government level these murders are greeted with silence and a bending of the knee to the powerful and wealthy that control these wilful acts of criminality? It has to end, it must end.

  2. The post by RPUK is extremely powerful. The silence of the First Minister on the latest news about raptor killings shows clearly that the Scottish government has failed to eradicate this stain on the Scottish nation, and has as yet not proposed any measures to end this intolerable situation. It is not even clear how much they care. The many measures which could have shown this, proposed by many people including myself, have not as yet received significant government backing. Why?

  3. I think the time for talking is long gone. Time to organise mass protest walks across the worst moors on August 12th and any other activities that will disrupt their shooting. Hit them in the pocket.

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