It’s just not cricket…

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6 Replies to “It’s just not cricket…”

  1. Once in London they will no doubt be used by the pompous and uncaring to increase their blood lead levels at over inflated prices.

  2. Do the people in these London restaurants, the end consumers know exactly what has to die for the sake of their one meal? Perhaps some organised tables explaining just that, outside said restaurants might change a few minds.

  3. Dear Mark
    Could you please discuss on your blog the ridiculous thoughts of Mr Botham published in The Telegraph yesterday regarding grouse moors in UK
    It makes for hilarious and irratating reading

    1. I thought they had pensioned him off. But then I don't suppose he can do much harm to his cause writing in the Telegraph.

  4. The petition hit the 50K mark just before 9pm today Thursday 15th - remarkable going!
    You could run a poll on the likely total at various points Mark - eg end of Bird Fair and end of the month for starters!


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