Sunday cartoon by Ralph Underhill

Mark writes: The Wild Justice e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting stands at 62,730 – please sign it and get your friends to sign it as quickly as possible.

I’ll be giving a short talk about Wild Justice at the Bird Fair (Osprey marquee) at 11:30am this morning.

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4 Replies to “Sunday cartoon by Ralph Underhill”

  1. Not the petition but the movement to change the shooting and management of the uplands metioned by Stuart Maconie on 6Music breakfast this morning... which followed on in my listening from 'On your Farm' Radio4, with Bolton Estate and their CUrlew Safaris on their grouse moor, they did hint a little at hen harrier persecution 'but not us' whilst looking at their stoat trap...... a mixed morning post BirdFair (Which was also on the Rad-Mac 6Music Breakfast........)

    The more folk who hear about this by whatever means the more support we gather

  2. More than half way in a looks like this will cross the threshold for consideration. If they decide to hold a debate, and as there has been one, we need to accept that it is an IF, then we must have a suite of well briefed MP's committed to participate. Last time, their were loads of morons prepared to to stand up and read verbatim from the same CLA/BASC hymn sheet. If we are going to be a success we need cooperation from sympathetic MP's. We need to engage and brief now. I suspect that if the petitions committee are aware that there is a parliamentary demand for the debate then the chances of them approving it might increase.

    1. Yes, Circus Maxima - we need to contact MPs asap, while the subject is still in the news.

      As far as I remember, at the televised evidence session, there were only Angela Smith and Rachael Maskell speaking up for the persecuted creatures - all the rest were Tories/shooting enthusiasts.

      Maybe someone can confirm or correct this.

  3. Totally agree,
    Everything up in the air at present with Brexit though
    I'm a fan of Corbyn but not sure how many others are


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