Election watch (3)

My former MP, Tom Pursglove, the Conservative candidate for Corby, has not replied to my letter of a month ago.

It seems that he wants me to draw my own conclusions about him being one of just seven Conservative MPs receiving funding from a Ukrainian-born oligarch. OK, I can do that.

I see the Guardian has recently mentioned Mr Temerko again – click here or here and he has been in the news in the past.

Beth Miller will be getting my vote and I’d urge all Corby Lib Dems to cast their vote for Beth rather than Tom Pursglove. Corby is a Conservative/Labour marginal.

All those who have said that Farage wasn’t generous to the Tories by standing down in Conservative-held seats can’t have been thinking about marginals like Corby. A Brexit candidate was just what we were hoping for – to split the Tory Leave-at-any-cost-but-not-in-the-first-convenient-ditch vote.

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1 Reply to “Election watch (3)”

  1. Boris summed it up perfectly 'lets get Brexit done so people can get on with what concerns them'

    Brexit has always been a politicians (and specifically Conservative) obsession - really nothing to do with the rest of us.
    A lot less doubtful about Jeremy after tonights performance - Boris had only one tune, Brexit.


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