Seven Worlds, One Planet (6)

For the penultimate programme (or, more appropriately, ‘program’ (although not necessarily)) we were in North America. I like North America.

The fireflies were stars, but the Prairie Dogs (which I think were filmed in the Badlands NP but I might be wrong) were CLRs (see here and here for more on CLRs).

Roadrunners are amazing.

I’m not gagging to see a Manatee – they don’t look like great conversationalists to me.

This has been a brilliant series – I’m wondering whether Africa can provide an unhackneyed splendid finale. We’ll see.


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  1. What has happened on the US prairies is really scary – this enormous landscape, on a scale completely different from anything we can imagine in the UK, reduced to nothing but farmland, it’s wildlife brought to the edge of extinction, and still there are unapologetic demands to eliminate what little is left.

  2. Anyone else have doubts about the way the Lynx – Snowshoe hare interactions were filmed? It all seemed to be a bit too good to be true being able to get so close in, at the same time as filming from an overhead drone. It made me wonder if they had cheated by using a captive or tame animal but perhaps I’m being overly suspicious.

  3. The filming is spectacular but I found The Serengeti Rules, currently available on i-player far more compelling.

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