Blanket bog maps

Dear Natural England
This is a request for information under the FoI/EIR regulations.
Please reply within the 20-day maximum allowed for such a straightforward request.
This is a follow-up to my requests 4438 (to which NE responded on 27 November 2018) and 4520 (to which NE responded on 18 January 2019) about datasets on deep peat and blanket bog.
In your response to 4520 you said ‘Natural England is currently updating the Priority Habitat Inventory datasets with the intention of uploading the refreshed datasets to publishing sites, including MAGIC by the end of the financial year.’.
My questions are:

  1. Has the Blanket Bog Priority Habitat Inventory dataset been updated and loaded onto MAGIC since 18 January 2019?
  2. If so, when was that done?
  3. If so, please indicate, roughly will do, whether the extent has changed and by how much (eg, yes it has increased by c10% would be the type of response that would be completely acceptable for now)
  4. If not, why not?
  5. If not, does NE have plans to update that inventory?
  6. If so, roughly when?

many thanks