#justice4henharriers update for tomorrow

I’m afraid that I won’t be attending our Appeal hearing tomorrow – along with some of the legal team there are personal reasons connected to coronavirus for me being absent and the government advice has certainly become a lot clearer about travelling. I feel bad about this as I want to be there (who knows when I’ll get the opportunity to hear my case being argued by a QC in front of three appeal court judges again)? Also I feel as though I’m letting people down by not attending. But actually, I would be an observer and it is sensible given my personal circumstances not to attend.

But I hope to get updates from the court now and again.

And we do know who the three Appeal Court judges will be:


3 Replies to “#justice4henharriers update for tomorrow”

  1. We may have our differences of opinion; I think we’re on the same side? But I wish you a speedy recovery.

    1. Thomas – thank you but I have nothing to recover from just yet – it’s more complicated than that. But thank you.

  2. Hope that ‘yet’ remains in place for a very long time Mark. Hen harriers need an Avery!

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