Earth Hour and another hour

This evening, at 20:30, it’s Earth Hour where we are asked to turn off lights etc for an hour. I’ll be doing it – will you?

And overnight we will make the twice-yearly one hour change to our clocks. Spring Forward, Fall Back, yes I know.

This has become, to me, a symbol of our disconnection from nature. What is more natural than the passage of the Earth around the Sun and the spinning of it on its axis? And so what could be more unnatural than that we pretend that the planet has jerked forward, instantaneously, by one twenty-fourth of a revolution? I’m surprised we don’t all fall out of bed when it happens (at 1am tomorrow, which rapidly becomes 2am).

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10 Replies to “Earth Hour and another hour”

      1. Indeed you do. Used during the war years.(2nd). Not that it bothered me, I wasn’t around.

  1. A recentish metanalysis states that DST saves 0.34% electricity used.

    So maybe still worth doing.

  2. Those dastardly Europeans voted to end summer time last year. The "archaic" practice was due to end in 2021 but I am not sure what the latest state of affairs is.

    Sadly the UK will remain firmly stuck in the past...

    1. Sadly the UK will remain firmly stuck in the past...

      ...until we put the clocks forward 😉

  3. We should stick with GMT all year around. Winter is brutal in terms of daylight, and we need light mornings desperately here.

  4. Earth hour is a great idea, though I always put off any lights I'm not using - less CO2. Suppose I could sit in the dark for an hour, for the sake of showing willing.


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