Independence Day lessons

This video is doing the rounds of social media and brought a smile to my face. An American friend sent it to me. It’s clever and funny, and I suspect it is sufficiently well produced that it will be seen by Republican voters as well as Democrats, and therefore might influence the Presidential election.

Using American Pie as the tag is clever. Using the founding fathers is also very clever – what would they think of this man?

I’d love to see the equivalent about Johnson ahead of our next election – there is plenty of material.

But the challenge is for a grouse moor video of similar quality. This recent example was good as a piss-take appealing to the converted but there must be some bright imaginative people out there who could cook something up that was accurate, popular and influential. I’d contribute to the costs of that.

And for fans of Bob Dylan have a look and listen to this one;

Search for more of these by Founders Sing on you tube.

I had a bet on Joe Biden winning the Presidential election back on 12 March when his Betfair odds were 2.26 (5/4 in old money) and they are now 1.72 (close to 4/6 in old money). So I’ve cashed out and can’t lose whatever happens. But I do wish that I had added a few noughts to the size of my investment back then.


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  1. Great video and so true. Yes the equivalent videos for Johnson and Driven Grouse Shooting would be brilliant. There is certainly plenty of scope and material available in both cases.

  2. Yes Trump is horrible but the US was no great shinning exceptional beacon on the hill under any other recent president. Obomber’s extra judicial drone bombings anyone? Trump is the monster with the mask off and liberals really sqirm at seeing it

  3. Great video. Trump, Johnson, Bolsanaro. It can’t get no worse can it?
    Can it?
    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the worlds great saviour…..
    Kayne West!

  4. Brought a smile to mine too. However the USA and ourselves are not the only ones to vote in the unacceptable without crossing the Atlantic we have Viktor Orban in Hungary a serious racist and persecutor of both “the left” and refugees. Duda in Poland who hopefully is about to loose an election, doesn’t like Women’s or Gay rights, Erdogan in Turkey a suppressor of anything like real opposition or human rights activists( why Turkey should never be allowed in the EU). Lukashenko in Belorussia the only European country that still executes but then so does the USA to my mind making it a nation of considerable barbarity with or without the orange fart.

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