Another disappeared eagle – from RPUK and Chris Packham

Tom, a young Golden Eagle. Phto: RPUK

Three things, please.

  1. Read this: Golden eagle Tom disappears in suspicious circumstances on Scottish grouse moor
  2. Watch this:

3. Sign this:

Thank you.

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4 Replies to “Another disappeared eagle – from RPUK and Chris Packham”

  1. Appalling barely covers it, another magnificent eagle presumed killed by the heartless criminals involved in grouse management, organised countryside crime of the worst order. I see a harrier has gone missing as well. Yet from the Scottish gov't we hear deafening silence. Clearly not good enough, having written to my MS's in the Senedd via HH day yesterday I will be writing again to Ms Sturgeon today, we must not let them off the hook on persecution, I would urge all those who wrote about the WTE poisoned recently in the Cairngorms to write again about this.

  2. Scottish Government for Gods sake do something to stop this carnage of our natural heritage. For Gods sake don’t sit idly by any longer while these criminals continue their slaughter.

  3. It seems our politicians are either too scared of the land owners to act or they are in their pockets.
    This is a very strange problem to have in a so called democratic, civilised country.
    Where organised criminals are free to commit crime decade after decade.

  4. Seems to me all this may involve the royal family they do not have a clean slate when it comes the the distruction of birds of prey.


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