Hen Harrier Day online 2020

Did you dip in to Hen Harrier Day online 2020? This is what you could have seen and listened to. It’s an amazing collection of science, culture and conservation. And a very fitting and diverse programme with top presenters Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin weaving all the strands together. Click here to view.

And there was an e-action too where by entering your postcode and a few details a polite message will be sent to your representative politician at Westminster, Holyrood, Cardiff or Belfast. This e-action was a last minute idea and Hen Harrier Action, the RSPB and Wild Justice were able to get together and make it happen. Although, of course, it is you who makes it happen by adding your voice.

Here is the link to the e-action – please consider adding your voice to…


…over 18,000 signatories so far. Our joint aim is to get this message to every constituency representative in the UK and we are well on the way, but we can only succeed if you sign up, please. So, have a look please, and if you can, add your name to the HHA/RSPB/Wild Justice e-action.

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6 Replies to “Hen Harrier Day online 2020”

  1. A great day, watched it from start to finish and sent my e-action message to my MP. Congratulations to all who took part both in front and behind the camera for a superb presentation. When one sees and hears directly what our poor birds and animals have to suffer from so many of these shooting estates and their shooters, one realises what a terrific job, the likes of RSPB investigations, Bob Elliott do as well as everyone else involved in trying to stop all these very grizzly happenings. The urgent need to ban driven grouse shooting comes across loud and clear. The other message, although not particularly dwelt on on the day, that came across is the very very shameful lack of support and action from our politicians to halt these barbaric acts by the shooting industry and its associated criminality. The U.K. is shamed by the atrocities committed and yet the politicians (with a few exceptions) do nothing.

  2. A remarkable and worthwhile day, we've been every year. Thanks to all the contributors and the organisers, we missed very little except the chance to meet up and chat with good companions.

  3. And there's a great HHD Postcard Art Auction running until Thursday 14th which benefits both Hen Harrier Action and the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust's Wild Peak project.
    Over 70 professional and amateur artists donated work and bids currently range from £5 to over £300. Find out more and see what's on offer at
    https://henharrierday.uk/art-auction .

  4. I was out and about for most of it unfortunately. Initially taking recycling to our local collection point which is some distance away and queueing to get in. There is more to take as it is stuff we have collected since the flooding of the river brought all sorts of plastic waste down the river which we have been collecting. I then went to a local NR for a walk amongst the flowers and insects for a couple of hours, in part reflecting on the loss of our much loved dog the day before. I did catch some bits towards the end and I must say it was a very good show well done to all involved and my local Senedd members have got that message. Its the first I've really missed since 2015 when I was on Skokholm.
    I see there is still nothing new on the MA website most strange.

    1. Sorry to hear about your dog, Paul.
      I'm sure you gave him/her a lovely life and must miss the companionship of a wonderful creature.

  5. Thank You Marian. Maisy is now buried next to the gate of our small pasture, a route out to many great walks for us all. She had only been with us 30 months obtained from the Dog's Trust as a fat, unfit 5-6 year old Collie probably spent most of her time home alone. She quickly became a fit energetic dog with boundless curiosity on a regime of 3 walks a day. Easily trained to leave all sheep to their own devices, although she harassed our chickens if allowed. Much missed but never forgotten, we will doubles replace her with another dog needing a new home from the Dog's Trust, almost certainly another Collie or Collie cross.


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