Social distancing from the tax man

by Mr Carbo

It’ll be the beaters who will bear the brunt of any laxity in precautions. Of course, head keepers, shoot managers and owners will keep a list of all involved. If only HMRC could have a look at those lists and check them against tax returns. All those cash-in-hand payments obviously get declared, don’t they?

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7 Replies to “Social distancing from the tax man”

  1. They didn't in my day, that list then contained an awful lot of variations on M. Mouse or other pseudonyms. Its not only those in receipt that should be declaring their income but of course for the estates concerned it is a legitimately claimable business expense. The real money of course is in the keeper(s) tips for a good day by the guns, this can be substantial and is equally unlikely to be declared.

  2. Get up to speed if you are going to dig about things you don’t know!
    All estates I know where I beat pay tax at source. There is nothing to declare because it’s done by the estate!
    Some people always think they know better!

      1. And maybe you would know all about that........
        I don’t think, I know for certain as I do a lot of beating on most of the estates where I live, maybe it’s different where you are but I can guarantee what you say is not correct here. I think people should find fact before spreading bull s**t.

        1. Billy - so you know about one place, and I know about some other places. How does that make my knowledge bull? Your grasp of logic is rather weak isn’t it... Ever thought of a job with BASC?


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