Letter to the Royal Family

I was one of many signatories to this letter – click here – asking the Royal Family to rewild some of their landholdings. You could write too – see here.

This would be quite a good place to start, and would have massive knock-on impacts locally;

This looked dated in 2018 when I photographed it – a few years later it seems even more backwards looking.

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5 Replies to “Letter to the Royal Family”

  1. It is not the letter I would send to the Royal Family, which would be the one you drop in the basket for them to read later-if you get my drift, but I co-signed it anyway. Honestly, it is dreadful that so few people own so much of our land and manage it so poorly. I’ll support anything that makes even the slightest improvement to this situation.

  2. Yeah the Royals need a rocket up a certain delicate place. Balmoral is awful. When it came to their ‘conservation’ plan for the capercaillie they weren’t prepared to cull enough deer to get forest regeneration without deer fencing. Not just an additional threat to caper by flying into it even if marked, but within the fencing you have the other extreme of under grazing and having to come up with mitigation measures to try and compensate for that. All because the Royals want lots of deer and open hills for a particular form of stalking. They were also keen on predator control, which if snares are used is bad news for caper which have a predilection for sticking their heads through – https://www.amberwebdesign.co.uk/castle_2010/pdf/capercaillie_management_on_balmoral_estate.pdf

  3. Apparently Prince Charles owns 70% of Dartmoor.
    Another treeless, sheep wrecked mass of land with barely any life on it!

  4. The royals are firmly in the hunting shooting brigade in terms of both attitude and the management of most of the land managed “in house” and of course from both biodiversity and climate change perspectives that is damnably awful. They talk of conservation crises abroad without really being involved here, except in a negative sense( remember those Dersingham Bog Harriers involving Harry and a Van Cutsem). Time they changed but I rather doubt this will do the trick, they are too entrenched within those who shoot. However we must continue to try.

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