Ban the use of lead ammunition please Wales

Yesterday morning, this petition to the Welsh Senedd was on 600 signatures, I was the 601st, but today it has increased fivefold. It closes on 4 August, which is Wednesday. All petitions with 10,000 signatures are considered for debate in the Senedd and that would be great although it seems a big ask to get another 6705 signatures in four (or five) days. But all I can do is to promote it and see what happens – already it is an impressive score for Welsh petitions. And all you can do is to read the petition and see whether you’d like to see it debated as a way of moving things forward on this issue – and then I hope you will sign it and find a way to promote it too.

A big shout out to Robert Curtis the petitioner from Barry in South Wales and the small conservation volunteer group, Barry Action.

Note to all petition sites: could you please state clearly whether a petition will close on the first second of the date it closes or the last second of that date, please. It makes a difference when you get this close to the end!


7 Replies to “Ban the use of lead ammunition please Wales”

  1. When this was posted yesterday under WJ, I thought as the numbers required were so low and the address defaults to Wales, that this petition was for those living in Wales only. I now realise that you can change the default setting, but that begs the question why it hasn’t been publicised before. Is there not a Welsh WT? Does the RSPB have no interest in Wales? Bug life, plant life, etc etc?
    Lead is a poison. How come so few are concerned about this fact?

    1. “When this was posted yesterday under WJ”

      I’m assuming WJ = Wild Justice.

      Website or newsletter?

      Must be newsletter. The last update on the WJ website I see is “BASC or the Climate Change Committee – who would you believe?” dated 20th July.

  2. Not much of an issue in Wales as there is very little game shooting. Plenty of fox shooting though.

    1. George – you must be kidding! Pheasants, partridges, wildfowl, pigeons, rabbits… Think again.

  3. I live here. One shoot about 20 miles away. We rarely see a rabbit, no hares, no partridge or pheasant, few duck, and even less geese. We see loads of buzzard, red kite, ravens, carrion crow, etc etc. I even was excited to see a Merlin on the farm. Just no game birds, but hardly surprising.

    1. George, maybe not near you but I know of at least one instance of Grouse shooting, numerous pheasant and partridge shooting and wildfowling in a number of places within Wales.

      Then there is the shooting of so called “pests” such as Corvid’s, Pigeons and rabbits on farms across the country.

  4. Duly signed. High time the Welsh Labour Government got to grips with the shooting industry in Wales which is rotten to the core, The environmental and wildlife cruelties and abuses that go alongside with the shooting industry, must be stopped

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