Yesterday’s Hen Harrier Day broadcast

Yesterday’s Wild Justice Hen Harrier Day broadcast was watched by well over a thousand people and that will have included quite a few readers of this blog – but also many people new to the issues of land management in the uplands and the persecution of protected wildlife.

You can catch up with the broadcast on the Wild Justice blog – click here – and there is a helpful index of the running order. Check out Martin Simpson’s wonderful song, some great Hen Harrier images from Darren Rees, Darren Woodhead, Jamey Redway and Jim Moir (aka Vic Reeves).

And please sign the e-action calling on elected representatives of the UK’s parliaments to ensure that our uplands work for people, for the climate and for wildlife – click here – thank you.


2 Replies to “Yesterday’s Hen Harrier Day broadcast”

  1. A really good morning – thanks to everyone involved. I enjoyed it all, but a real surprise was a great song from Martin Simpson, someone I’ve admired for over 40 years now.
    I thought everyone was excellent, but a highlight for me was Ruth’s calm, quiet, but brilliantly direct questioning of the Inspector from NY Police, who has taken over as chair of the RPPDG. To give a flavour of it for anyone who missed it: ‘I’ve been quite critical of the RPPDG for years. I haven’t seen it produce anything, at all, of any use, over all that time…’
    Just perfect.

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