I’ll come and talk to your conference, meeting or group if you pay my travel expenses and a fee.

The fee depends on the time involved including travel, and who you are.

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Where Mark is speaking:



Thursday 25 JanuaryNottingham for Nature

Saturday 27 January – Sussex Ornithological Society

Thursday 15 FebruaryWensum Valley Birdwatching Society, Driven grouse shooting  – your part in its demise, 1930.

Thursday 8 March – BTO, Thetford



Friday 4 January – Letchworth RSPB Group


Twitter feedback from Mark’s talks

@OrnieJoolz  @MarkAvery was a captivating & entertaining speaker this evening & put his case rationally & with conviction Thanks Mark & @WaveneyBirdClub 

@Julianrkirk  As a result of the talk last night, I have just written to my MP. First time, but NOT the last…

@vegthemuso Excellent evening at @EssexBirdnews Thanks to @MarkAvery for a fascinating talk. Lots of food for thought.
@Corvid crazy chap ‏@ShepherdWells A great presentation tonight by @MarkAvery for @EssexBirdNews in Chelmsford factual, funny and very well attended #henharrier & #Martha
@MHL@MHL_123 Great talk in Huddersfield by @MarkAvery hosted by @YorksWildlife on why we should ban driven grouse shooting.
@Richmfleming A brilliant and informative talk by @MarkAvery tonight, thanks @YWTstirleyfarm for putting it on.
@Abigail MotleyImpassioned talk @MarkAvery @morethanadodo on destructive upland grouse shooting:
@Jennifer Pitt ‏Many thanks to @MarkAvery for an inspiring talk last night at Oxford’s @morethanadodo on why we should #BanDrivenGrouseShooting #BanGS3
@OcelotNick Good evening with @MarkAvery last night, speaking to @RSPBSouthWest Exeter Local Group. Thought-provoking & compelling, as ever #henharriers
@Wstones_Perth  A big thank you to @MarkAvery for such a fantastic talk tonight on driven grouse shooting #inglorious
@bardseyben Massive thanks to @MarkAvery for making the long haul down to Falmouth for his talk tonight! Superb and inspiring as always @UoEPenrynCampus

@marie_athorn Really great talk @IdleValleyChat @Nottswildlife tonight by @MarkAvery some inspiring #newyearsresolutions

@JL_nature no notes, no slides, great speaker & entertainer @MarkAvery #BTONIconf

@Johnq_zak  @MarkAvery confirming my opinions about how ridiculous #grouseshooting really is! #wellsaidmark ! #BTONIconf
@Andy Clements Whatever your view of his views @MarkAvery is a hugely engaging speaker #BTONIconf #inglorious
@NorfolkBiod  Excellent talk @MarkAvery at Cley @SupportNWT. Would encourage people 2 inform themselves re raptor persecution.
@BerksBirdClub Thanks to @MarkAvery for a most entertaining evening.
@mostlyscarce Great stuff from @MarkAvery at @SurreyBirdNews AGM tonight.
@johnshortlandwr Great talk @MarkAvery about Martha, the last passenger pigeon. From billions to none in such short time.

@BNSS1 Thank you @MarkAvery for your wonderful talk at the weekend and this nice blog post!

@TattyNatters @markavery great talk yesterday – you changed the way a lot of the HOS crew think!

@JVictorsson Inspiring talk from @MarkAvery, I’m off to write to my MP!!

@Sarah111well Home from an entertaining evening at the local RSPB members group with @MarkAvery as the speaker.

@KaalGroup Many thanks @MarkAvery – great presentation yesterday #Tops

@ClaudiaLGray Great talk by @MarkAvery on how big and small #conservation NGOs all have pros and cons but a role to play #oxfordnatureconservationsociety

@BerksBirdClub Engaging and inspiring talk by @MarkAvery at the Berks and Oxon @_BTO regional conference





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Listen to Mark talk about conservation issues on this BBC Wildlife podcast:





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