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The Woodland Trust discovers cuddly mammals

Look what came through the post the other day. Shall we now see the Woodland Trust campaigning to protect the Dormice of Fineshade Wood? Likes(42)Dislikes(2)

Woodland Trust withdraws from Forest Holidays sponsorship deal

See the Friends of Fineshade website for details. Well done Woodland Trust! Likes(39)Dislikes(0)

Not so Fine Shade (8) – perfectly Fineshade!

Yesterday evening’s decision by East Northants District Council was the right one, and was arrived at through a mixture of heart and head. David Williamson, speaking for the Forestry Commission demonstrated no ecological understanding of the importance of this site and his message to the councillors was essentially ‘Don’t worry dears, it’s all OK really’.  […]

Not so Fine Shade

Fineshade Wood is not far from where I live, so I feel a bit guilty that I haven’t paid more attention to what is going on there.  It’s a place I know, and like, and visit now and again, but it’s c40 minute journey from where I live, so if I want to visit a […]

An end of year survey

What do you think of wildlife NGOs, political parties, this website and a few other things? Just a dozen easy questions – and it is anonymous. Click here to take part. Poll will close late December, results here early January.   Likes(27)Dislikes(1)