Bits, some bits

  • went to London on the train from Peterborough on Thursday and saw 3 cuckoos
  • got a reply from NE re Walshaw Moor – will blog later this week
  • spent ages on Friday evening looking at a lone wader in vegetation and gloomy light wondering whether it was a Temminck stint – and it wasn’t, it was a common sandpiper.
  • am working on some essays which will appear on the website of a well-known wildlife NGO in June
  • in London, had lunch with a lady from publishing and dinner with a lady from nature conservation
  • really liked this article by Mike McCarthy
  • was commissioned to write a few words for Gardens Illustrated – watch this space
  • this day last year I was birding near JFK airport in New York
  • went out after midnight to see whether ‘my’ two nightingales were singing on a nocturnal visit in BTO nightingale survey – heard one male, presumably unpaired, singing his broken heart out.
  • tomorrow’s blog will return to the subject of radio-tracked hen harriers
  • even if you read it on Friday – have another look at Giles Bradshaw’s Guest Blog – there are lots of very thoughtful comments on it now.

4 Replies to “Bits, some bits”

  1. Was it a slip Mark or did you mean to plug your next book instead of the link to Mike McCarthy’s article?

    1. Richard – it was a slip. Thank you for pointing it out. It is now corrected.

  2. Hi Mark,I did wonder when you left the RSPB whether you would find plenty of commissions and write more books etc.So pleased that it is working out really well.

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