Why isn’t this even bigger news?

800px-Flickr_-_don_macauley_-_Red_Kite800px-Flickr_-_don_macauley_-_Red_Kite800px-Flickr_-_don_macauley_-_Red_Kite800px-Flickr_-_don_macauley_-_Red_Kite800px-Flickr_-_don_macauley_-_Red_Kite800px-Flickr_-_don_macauley_-_Red_Kite800px-Flickr_-_don_macauley_-_Red_Kite800px-Flickr_-_don_macauley_-_Red_Kite800px-Flickr_-_don_macauley_-_Red_Kite800px-Flickr_-_don_macauley_-_Red_Kite800px-Flickr_-_don_macauley_-_Red_Kite800px-Flickr_-_don_macauley_-_Red_KiteThe poisoning of 12 Red Kites and four buzzards in Ross-shire is shocking.

See here, here, here, here and here.

How long do we have to put up with this type of carnage?


Red Kites by Don Macauley via wikimedia commons

Buzzard by Andreas Trepte via wikimedia commons

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17 Replies to “Why isn’t this even bigger news?”

  1. Absolutely outrageous and don't forget the poisoned Peregrine that also slipped in under the radar. A lot of people are 'shocked and angry' but where are the politicians comments.

    Putting down poison like this, even if it is only on one or two baits, would be enough to kill children if they come across it and pick it up and certainly enough to kill dogs. If politicians won't take wildlife crime seriously at least now take a look at illegal use of poisons in terms of potential danger to humans, that might get them to allocate more resources to dealing with it.

  2. Could this latest raptor persecution force politicians' hands in the Scottish independence debate, so that they actually engage with the issue of wildlife? The subject of wildlife and its protection hasn't really entered the political arena, has it? For instance, why hasn't it been highlighted in the debate over Europe between Clegg and Farage? I have emailed the Lib Dems to ask this, but no response, as yet...

  3. For ever as it seems nobody cares other than a very small minority. And remember these people run our country for us. We should be glad. And come the next election not even labour will try and use it for a single vote!

  4. "Why isn't this even bigger news"

    Why? - indeed. I thought it was curious not to see it reported here - reports were out and about by 29 March. The authorities were not releasing details of the poison used - apparently a very fast acting one. Has it been identified yet?

    1. filbert - you weren't paying attention (probably arguing with somebody called Steve) - see 2nd blog on 26 March (which is a little before 29 March, I believe).

  5. Filbert - it was reported "here" on 26 March under "Bits and pieces with quite a raptorish, and a quite Scottish, flavour"

    1. Thanks Chaps - I stand corrected. Climate and Energy blogs had picked up the reports in relation to bird and bat kill by wind turbines - and of humans murdered in Scotland. Yet they are ever so keen to point out the logical fallacy of strawmen ...

      Still no identification of substance? If it wasn't carbofuran I thought it slightly odd that it wasn't identified. If it was - the meejar would have seized on the story on an "I told you so" basis. Wouldn't they?

  6. I have been reading reports like this for years, and we have been raising them with politicians for almost as long. It is very sad to have to say this, but I guess nothing will happen until a child dies. Or possibly, some high-profile owner's much-loved pooch. Then maybe - just maybe - government (of whichever hue) will be stirred into belated action.

    1. David - yes there are far too many and they have been happening for far too long. This one is quite a big one though!

      It would 'help' if there were a few more high-profile convictions.

  7. Big problem is identifying the culprits then next problem is they only get minor wrist slap even if convicted.
    A long way to go before things improve,in general I doubt general public never hear about these things and/or take any notice of them.
    What we need is Bryan May to come to the fore.

    1. Identifying the culprits is no problem - convicting them is...a poorly resourced and motivated justice system, from investigator to court prosecutor is where it falls down..the anger of the public has not translated into action, yet.

  8. Hi everyone

    I wrote to Alex Salmond on the 1st of January this year protesting about the persecution of birds of prey in Scotland. Guess what? I have not had a reply or even an acknowledgement that my letter has been received.



  9. When Chris Packham is back from Malta (where he should be able to get some serious media focus on the massacre of birds there - and all credit to him for financing this himself) someone should fund him to do likewise in Scotand and in the Peak Distrct as well.....
    Ps. I fear a few prosecutions will not make any difference - the moor owners will sack the offenders and get new keepers to continue where the convicted ones left off [last few words deleted by MIA]


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