Hen Harrier Day – sign up to join me in the Peak District on 10 August


Hen Harriers are killed illegally by game shooting interests to protect Red Grouse until the grouse can be shot for ‘sport’. There should be over 300 pairs of Hen Harriers in the English uplands but last year there were just two pairs.  The Peak District should have several pairs of this beautiful bird but most years there are none.

To show your support for the Hen Harrier, and your dismay at their current dire status, why not attend Hen Harrier Day on 10 August this year at a moor near you.

Join me in the Peak District on 10 August for a peaceful protest on behalf of the Hen Harrier.

Let me know you intend to attend Hen Harrier Day in the Peak District on 10 August 2014 (that’s two days before the Red Grouse shooting season starts).

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8 Replies to “Hen Harrier Day – sign up to join me in the Peak District on 10 August”

  1. This may seem off topic, but I don't think so.
    It is the local attitude to birds of prey. Get hen harriers in Derbyshire and they will suffer like the goshawks, peregrines and buzzards.
    Can't we have protection for them all?

    Reported very recent conversation between local land owner and member of public (chatting cheerfully, not aware of the situation).
    MOP : 'I've seen a few buzzards around here.'
    Landowner: 'Not for long.'

    1. Hilary - not off topic at all. A strong showing to ban driven grouse shooting would send a message to the whole of game shooting, and the land owning community in general, that they are not free to do what they want to our wildlife in our countryside.

  2. The land owner in the above comment would hoot with laughter. It's not even malice or ignorance. They really don't get it. It's like swotting a fly to them (I don't swat flies- it's ok- I let them out the window.)

    What they understand is money. Think of a way of hitting their bank balances. Then I will be there. With the best will in the world I would find it hard to support bringing birds into an environment where their chances of a miserable death by trapping and poisoning are so high.

    On a more cheerful note, you might like to hear that yesterday I heard cuckoos and nightingales singing at the same time in a local bit of FC.

    1. Hilary - banning grouse shooting is just that measure. No-one, not I anyway, is suggesting releasing Hen Harriers in places where they would be persecuted. This is the link to the epetition http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/65627

  3. I signed (and forwarded it to everyone I knew who might sign it) long ago. Will try to be there on the 10th.

  4. No, I didn't. Sorry. I signed a similar one but not yours. Have signed yours now.

  5. Well, one shouldn't expect too much of landowners anyway. Beethoven's brother once had a card printed that read "Johann van Beethoven, Landowner". Beethoven turned the card round and inscribed on the back: "Ludwig van Beethoven, brainowner".


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