A bit of a round up – all good news

Virunga – good news here! And well done! to WWF.

Hen Harriers in Bowland – some good news here – there are three pairs of Hen Harrier in England this year – that’s just under 1% of the number that there could be judging by the suitable habitat available.

Hen Harriers on Springwatch – did you see this marvellous footage of Hen Harriers on Springwatch last night (22 minutes into the programme)?  Worth a look. ‘What’s the problem here? The problem is persecution of raptors‘.

Hen Harrier e-petition – solid progress on this – over 3700 signatures. If it closed tomorrow (which it won’t as it has 350 days still to run), then this e-petition would already be in the top 30 (out of 1100+ Defra-targetted e-petitions). And we still do have 350 more days of signing to come. Thank you to all who have signed.

Gofindit is successfully funded – 186 of us joined together to fund Gofindit – a sensory outdoor treasure hunt card game.

Hen Harrier Day – I have had encouraging comments and feedback from the Peak District National Park and the National Trust about Hen Harrier Day, 10 August 2014, in the Peak District. See this blog on Monday evening for the latest news of the planned location for our rally.

#whosesideareyouon? – launched by David Beckham and a couple of Princes, it focusses on rhinos, tigers and elephants. It is a good cause but conservation doesn’t start and end abroad. It’s time to choose between endangered wildlife and the criminals who kill them for money. Whose side are you on?





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4 Replies to “A bit of a round up – all good news”

  1. VIrunga- are companies more responsive to public pressure (and their image) than governments? Discuss! Therefore should we be investigating and pressing them more. (Soco does not even interact directly with the public but there is a result) With Goverments there are competing lobby groups.
    Waitrose has a section on its website about its associated farms’ environmental credentials. I cannot find much on the Tesco website. Sainsburys could do more, for example at their annual farmers’ conference- they have an award for energy saving but not for environmental work.

  2. wrt #whosesideareyouon? - genuine question - how many sides are there to chose from?


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