NEWS: M&S drop grouse sales in response to threatened boycott

imagesBen Webster in The Times:

Game Over: M&S takes grouse off the shelves after boycott threat.

M&S won’t sell grouse this year and tests new code for grouse moors after boycott threat

We did that!  Consumer power.

Well done M&S!!  I’ll be shopping with you again later today.  And we’ll be watching you carefully too.  But well done, and thank you.

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18 Replies to “NEWS: M&S drop grouse sales in response to threatened boycott”

    1. Andy – I’m sure you have your own source of grouse meat without a trip to Kensington to buy it. 😉

  1. Yes well done. Now perhaps Chatsworth Farm shop, you could pop in on your way North in August.

  2. Well done Mark and M&S,Think your letter and publicity was the main factor.

  3. This also exactly the same thinking behind our call for licensing of upland driven grouse shooting in England. Developed co-operatively, such a proposal builds confidence and provides a real route out of adversarial dialogue that has, for too long, characterised these issues.
    Above a quote from rspb forum by Martin.
    Where does he think co-operation for many many years has helped Hen Harriers,they have been slaughtered while all the talk was going on.
    Come on Martin you must see that the threat of M&S having a boycott by some customers has had more effect than all that talking.

  4. Well done M&S. I will start using your shops again. My wife will be ecstatic!!

  5. Well done with M&S. The media noticed:
    Interesting comment on getting demonstrations noticed by the media on Front Row BBC radio 4 at 7.15 Tuesday 21 July (21min into the programme). It was a review of an exhibition at the V & A museum which mentioned placards carried by demonstrators. Basically it said it does not matter how many people are on a demonstration it may not get into the media. It needs to be notable and having placards that attract attention is part of the battle. It mentioned how with social media the images can be picked up and spread rapidly ( I think we saw an example of that the other day with Mark’s photo of the teachers demonstration trending on twitter)
    So any ideas out there for a trendy placard to catch the media’s attention? Keepers used to display on their gibbets things which they thought negatively affected their grouse, what images would hang on a gibbet if selected for removal to protect the Hen Harrier?
    Then what about Ignbole awards. Many of these owners probably bask in OBEs for services to the community could there be awards to the worst offenders of DBEs for Damaging the British Environment.

  6. Richard – another reason to vote Yes come September. Give Scotland back to the communities like they should here in the north. One estate close to us just sold for £17 million to a yank. Sadly the same keepers kept their jobs. No chance of harriers on there!!

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