Henry goes to Walshaw Moor/Wuthering Moors 48

Tues 7 July  Copy

I thought that Henry ought to see Walshaw Moor before he reads about it on pages 149-157, 175-176 and 190-192 of Inglorious – conflict in the uplands.

But all this talk about the damage that heather burning does to peatlands (see here and here) reminds me that the RSPB has an outstanding complaint in to the EU about the UK’s (Defra’s) performance in protecting SPAs and SACs from  over-burning. See here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. You’ll recall, straight away I’m sure, that this process started on 15 October 2012 when grouse-moor owning Richard Benyon was a minister and his boss was Owen Paterson.

I submitted a FoI request to Defra yesterday asking for an update on how Defra was getting on with dealing with this complaint. What correspondence has there been between Defra and the EU over this matter since September 2013?  What information has been given to the RSPB on the progress of the complaint? What is the Defra position regarding the complaint?



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